Solar System’s Facts That You Need to Consider!

Many things are the cause of global warming. The more the cause will be the more complex way of tackling global warming that is now experienced planet earth. But it is not impossible all the causes of global warming can be found the solution, it’s just that happening now is a lot of people who ignore the solution to address global warming.

Have you known what the main causes of global warming are? Global Warming can be interpreted as an event of increasing the average temperature of the earth resulting from increased use of technology and human activities resulting in increased greenhouse gases.

In general, the main cause of global warming is due to human actions. With the increasing number of population and the development of technology and industry and then encourage many actions that cause global warming around the world. Well, then we must try to minimize the impact of global warming one of them by using 5kw solar system Melbourne as a solar panel at home or your office. But behind all the positive things of solar power, there are also facts that you need to know, here are the reviews!

1. Solar cell development still needs a big investment. Some components ranging from solar panels, batteries, to LED lights still have to be imported from overseas;

2. Just a comparison, PLTS cost structure to date is dominated by the price of solar panels are still expensive. The larger the size and capacity of solar panels the more expensive the price of the PLTS system is;

3. Inefficient when developed in polluted areas. Pollution is also a factor that inhibits the development of this technology because it can reduce the intensity of light that can be received by the panel / solar cell. So, in other words, the energy produced is relatively small.