Behavior Changes Before and After the Coming of the Internet

The Internet is already coloring human life. The term of “Book is the window of the world” seems to have been replaced with “The Internet is the door of the world”. There are a lot of positive things that we can get when there is the internet, but many also negative things. It all depends on how to use the internet. Apart from that, now the internet has been penetrated into remote areas with the help of satellite internet or commonly called as internet desa. Therefore, it is not only the urban community who feel the impact of the internet but also rural communities.

Well, it turns out the internet also changed our behavior. Because of its dependence on the internet, many of you may be admitted hollow when internet quota runs out. Let’s see a change of behavior before and after the emergence of the internet that might just happen to yourself!

The different first difference now, maybe that’s what happened to a hijacker, once the word plow is very identical to the pirate, cheeky and very cruel. Well, if now the plow no longer baseball at sea. You are quite in front of the computer screen and baseball always cheerful face.

It used to be that when a novice wants to know how to cook it may be very difficult for him. Different with today’s era, you just need to ask for help to Google.

In the past, if anyone wants to sell something, one way is to put an ad in a newspaper. Well, if now all could be easier, you just make a broadcast or put an announcement on your social media.