Great Dangers Are Threatening Our Seas

Scientists estimate that to keep fish and marine plants, the world’s oceans need to be protected. However, only less than 3 percent of our oceans currently have adequate protection. Protected sea areas provide a safe haven in our oceans for plants and all kinds of sea creatures, ranging from small algae and krill (a type of plankton) to large marine mammals. They also help preserve natural barriers, such as mangrove forests, coral reefs, and wetlands, which keep coastal areas from being submerged by the sea in the event of storms and other natural events. Plastic bags that contaminate our oceans are mistakenly eaten by jellyfish and some marine animals. If swallowed, it can cause death.

A recent report warns that coral bleaching is developing in the Atlantic and Pacific seas and coral reefs are in danger. Sea acidification also takes its toll. This is caused by greenhouse gas gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), produced by coal-fired power transmitters, motor vehicles, and other sources. One of the impacts of waste in the sea can be found by visiting

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